A Diaper Review Variety Hour

When you go into any store that carries baby diapers, in front of you are many baby diaper packages. Often they will come in plastic brand packaging or printed cardboard brand boxes. Some come from big name brands such as Pampers or Huggies. There are quiet a few cheap store brands that are available. My question to you is, are the store brands as good as the big names?

When it comes to buying diapers, you have many decisions to make in selecting the best diaper for your babies needs. What brand(s) have you heard about? How much do you want to spend? What diaper size do you need to think about? Would you and baby be willing to use a re-usable cloth diaper, or disposable diaper? What other customer reviews are helping to decide on your purchase? Do you have coupons for certain diaper brands? Last but not least, where you are purchasing the diapers? Below are a few of the companies that I have used and heard of on my own personal research.

  • Pampers Swaddlers; Size 1; 148 count; Avg. Cost $18.
    • My Personal Review: For this brand to have such a reliable product with in-bulk options, is a great way to save! With every diaper comes with a cartoon of Sesame Street characters. Babies love it! So far with every diaper that we’ve used from Pampers,  we always so overjoyed that they’re so comfortable to the touch! The level of quality of these diapers, is undeniably the best for leak guards when Baby has an “explosion.” Pampers offers to sell a beach or pool diaper. Personally, have not used these. A few questions I have for the company are, 1. What chemicals or dyes are used in the fabric? 2. How much more are they to buy than the regular diaper? 3. Why should someone purchase this diaper?
  • Parent’s Choice Size 1; 120 count; Avg. Cost $15
    • My Personal Review: Parent’s Choice diapers didn’t make the best and very well could be one of the lowest rated that I have researched online as well as other customer reviews. When it comes to comfort, it feels like its made of very coarse paper against my baby’s skin. The leg holes were deemed uncomfortable as well. This diaper could definitely use some work against leak guards!
  • Huggies Snug & Dry; Size 1; 148 count; Avg. Cost $25
    • My Personal Review: Any Huggies brand product has impressed me. From diapers to wipes and anything in between, you can deem them to be reliable.
  • The Honest Company any disposable printed diapers; Size 1; 44 count; Avg. Cost $14
    • My Personal Review: Hey! Jessica Alba is the founder of this company!, how cool is that? Am I right? LOL! Back to the subject at hand., many have complained about chemicals and there are other bad reviews against The Honest Company. Due to the lack of good reviews, these diapers are not being purchased in the near future.

The chosen brands above have been personally rated.


Hope my reviews help in any future purchases for your own baby needs.,



2 thoughts on “A Diaper Review Variety Hour

  1. This is awesome! What a great place for new mothers to come to for tips on motherhood! New dads too, big brothers and sisters, babysitters too!

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