Childhood TV Shows (Ongoing)

When I was growing up, I didn’t watch Nickelodeon shows often. I always enjoyed watching the local PBS channel or on another local channel. My favorite shows where Clifford, Arthur, Sesame Street, and Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood to name a few.

Clifford was about a girl named Emily Elizabeth and a big red dog, named Clifford, a big red dog. The show first aired in September 2000. They were forced to move to Birdwell Island after Clifford became too big to live in their apartment building. He eventually outgrew the building! Emily Elizabeth came up with the idea to move to the island when this happened. So Emily Elizabeth, Clifford, and their family packed up their belongings from the old city apartment and found a house with a big yard on Birdwell Island. Their new place had a big yard for Clifford to enjoy as well as a custom built dog house for him to have when needing shelter for the night or when there is inclement weather outside. When meeting their new neighbors and other citizens of the island, some of the people thought Clifford was going to cause a big problem each time he was around them even though, Clifford was innocent to all of those accusations. Later on, Clifford became friends with a couple of other dogs that lived on the island. Cleo a purple poodle and T-Bone a yellow bulldog. Emily reads stories to Clifford. The one she reads to him the most is a Speckle story.

Arthur, has been around for quite some time and is still in production today! I would say they started production of the show about 10-15 years ago. Everyone I’ve met said they love the show and wished they’d bring more to it. I get where these people are coming from. At the same time, you can’t force the creative process in any writer. In the show, you have Arthur (the main character), D.W (Arthur’s little sister), their parents and their baby sister Kate. Arthur has made friends with a few people in his class. His teacher is Mr. Ratburn. Buster Baxter, Muffy Crosswire, Francine Frinsky, Binky, and Sue Ellen are a few of Arthur’s friends to name.

Sesame Street is a fun educational children’s show. From what I am to understand, is the show has been in production since the beginning of PBS. Some of the characters include Elmo, Cookie Monster, Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Grover. Elmo is a red muppet that has a part of the show called Elmo’s World. Cookie Monster is a blue muppet who loves cookies! Big Bird is a big yellow canary. Oscar the Grouch is a green monster who lives in a metal trashcan and has an orange striped worm friend. Grover is another blue muppet who plays a huge role in Sesame Street.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood first aired in 1968 with a main character named Fred Rogers. The show appealed to young children but also appealed to adults. He always put on a cardigan and sneakers at the beginning and ending of every episode. During this part of the show, he always made sure to teach children many lessons in song. Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is a spinoff show of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood after Fred Rogers’ himself passed away. The spinoff first aired in September 2012.

Now you tell me, what are some of your favorite shows when you were growing up in the comments below!


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