Postpartum Depression

Many people believe that this is not real when many others believe in it. I am one of those who believes it is true and can take a major toll to the well-being of both mother and baby. This is to say that this is not blamed on anyone as it is a well known health issue.

Well, what is PPD (Postpartum depression)? Its depression that occurs after giving birth to a baby. Symptoms can include mood swings, lack of appetite, many psychological issues (i.e. depression or fear), insomnia, and anxiety. Postpartum depression can last for at least two weeks or more and can show up to 12 months after you give birth. In order to confirm that you do have PPD, you will have to go to your doctor or psychiatrist to be tested.

As the new parent is coping with PPD, the treatments vary broadly to work correctly. You will see that there are medications, therapies, specialists, and relaxation techniques. Obviously, you will have to receive a prescription from your medical professional to obtain any medications. A couple of therapies that you can try are support groups and behavioral therapy. Two of these relaxation techniques that can help are meditation or yoga. You can visit your primary doctor, a psychologist or a psychiatrist for more help and recommendations to cope with your depression.


2 thoughts on “Postpartum Depression

  1. I’m curious. How many treatments for PPD have you tried, and which for you offered the most relief? Once again, great post!


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