A Diaper Variety Hour Update

Hey all! It has been a little while since posting any reviews on diapers. The two best diapers that we have used, so far, are Parent’s Choice size 3 and Pampers Cruisers size 3. I have found they are very absorbent and soft on your baby’s bottom. Something that we have noticed for the Parents Choice diapers, unfortunately, the yellow line down the middle of the diaper, doesn’t always turn blue when wet or dirty. When leading a busy life, you need to know whether your baby has a clean or dirty diaper.

Update 11/5/17: Hey everyone! I know it’s been quite a while since I have posted anything. Let me tell ya, Pampers Baby Dry is the way to go! We haven’t had any issues with Pampers in general, so this really helps put into perspective on how many diapers our daughter will go through per day into perspective! You can clearly see when your baby is due for a change with the poofiness of the diaper in front. You can also tell whether or not it is a dirty diaper just by the distinct scent they give off. I for one, love it! Keep on rockin’ in the diaper department, Pampers!


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